Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Break in Sierra Leone

At my last opportunity of taking a vacation before the end of my service, a bunch of volunteers and I decided to head to Sierra Leone for spring break.
 At the border.
 Megan and I at Lumley Beach.
 Lumley Beach.
L to R: Megan, me, Syd.

The symbol of Sierra Leone; the cotton tree.
On Banana Island standing next to a lamp post from the colonial times.
The old bell from the church built by the British on Banana Island.
 Remains of the church built on Banana Island during the slave trade.
We got lucky and had sushi!!
Heading back to Guinea.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dakar, Senegal

Mid-February 18 Peace Corps Guinea volunteers attended a West African Volunteer Conference
in Senegal to present various projects taking place in the region.  It was work, but we also took the opportunity to see the city and have some fun by attending the West African Invitational Softball Tournament.
We drove for three days to get to Dakar.  This was on the Guinea side of the trip.
Those are the two taxis that transported 14 of us volunteers.
 My cat has his own store in Dakar!
 Check out what was across the street from our hostel.
 At the softball tournament.
Me getting ready to bat.
 And I made it to first base!
 There I go again!
Never made it past first base :/
Peace Corps Guinea group shot! (First row L to R: me, Kenny L., Chris A., Ian, Michelle, Zach.
Last row L to R: Denise, Chris M., Megan T., Kenny D., Derek, Betsy, Meghan M., Brittany, Chelsea, Clara, Ashley)
The twin names picture!
L to R: Kenny L., Kenny D., Megan T., Meghan M., Chris M., Chris A.
The Dakar view.
 Bowling! (Too bad they couldnt spell our names correctly; Brihanu should actually be Brittany and well,
my name isnt Kerla)
 Twins! Brittany and I with our matching bowling outfits.
View from the top of the ferriswheel at Magicland (the mini theme park in Dakar)

 Part of the animal displays at Magicland.
 The Renaissance Monument in Dakar by North Koreans.

At an Ethiopian restaurant.
(L to R: Clara, Wiatta, Jon, Brittany)
L to R: Meghan M., Kenny D., Denise, Michelle, Megan T., Amanda, Kenny L., Ashley 
L to R: Caleb, Ian, Chelsea, Chris M., Betsy, Chris A. 
On our last full day in Dakar we visited the island of Madeleine, a nature reserve.

Betsy and I, the only Education Volunteers on this trip :(