Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peace Corps Conference in Senegal

In September 2012, Peace Corps Senegal held a conference on their Master Farmer Program.  This program partners volunteers with local farmers and trains them on different agricultural techniques that will increase their yield at the end of a harvest season and therefore boost their income.  This in turn increases their food security as they now have money to buy food when their crops have not yet been harvested.  President Obama's Feed the Future campaign has increased financing for food security projects both for USAID and Peace Corps.  As part of the conference, we visited many master farmer sites around the country while having some adventures of our own.

 Getting facials! (Zach, me, Roxanne)

 The compound kitties waiting to get fed.  Aren't they so adorable???

 Because of the rainy season, the PC car got stuck in the mud several times.

 This is one of those times...


 An instrument used to space out plots evenly.

 A beautiful sunset in Senegal.

What can I do???



Dakar during the rainy season.

At the Guinea/Senegal border.

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